Friday, December 13, 2013

New Bags! Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors & Chanel

Hey everyone! I'm so beyond thrilled that it's Christmas season. Everything is always lovely during this time of the year, great food, Christmas music is on the radio, parties everywhere, and presents! The last three months of the year are always my favourite because my birthday is in November, so celebrations are constant. There are literally 10 girls in my sorority that are born in November, and I just love celebrating everyone's birthday. The only sucky thing about December are final exams, which I'm done all but one. Wish me luck! 

So speaking my birthdays, I recently received a few rather large presents from my family/myself. My parents made a month long trip to Hong Kong in November and came back with several very surprising gifts. As a disclaimer, I obviously did not purchase all of ethese bags on my own, nor could I personally afford to do so. However I do have generous parents and grandparents who spoil me here and there, but in no way do we make purchases like this regularly. 

Without further adieu, lets get to my new babies. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Azur
This amazing baby my birthday gift/Christmas gift from my parents and it was purchased in Hong Kong. My mom and I were deciding a while ago which entry level LV we wanted and it was either the Neverfull or the Speedy. I ultimately chose this one because of it's bigger size and versatility. It can be worn both as a shoulder bag and as a tote, which I love! Tons of ladies also love wearing the Neverfull with the straps cinched in the bag which completely changes its look, which is another great thing about this bag. It's honestly never full... I'm one to sleep over at my boyfriend/friend's places all the time so it's important that this bag can fit absolutely everything; and the neverfull really can. It's such a nice casual bag; I'd definitely recommend it as a starter Louis Vuitton! 

Michael Kors Large Studded Selma Saffiano Tote in Vanilla
You will not believe the deal I got on this baby. I literally purchased at the MK store yesterday and I'm still in shock about the AMAZING deal. So this normally goes for $428 retail, but I found this amazing bag literally marked down 2 hours ago (says the SA) to $238! I whipped out my card so fast it was insane. I knew that if I had waited even a few hours, this gem would have been long sold out. I was deciding between the largest white studded selma and a smaller red one. I ultimately decided on this one because it's such a nice structured bag and could fit my Macbook, which was the deciding factor. 

But this bag is seriously awesome. I actually have the tiniest Selma Messenger Bag (there's no arm strap and is only about 1/4 of the size) and I loved how durable the Saffiano leather was. It was pretty much scratch resistent and I didn't feel bad about taking it out in rain at all! I love how it's so structured, since all my papers and books in school won't get crumpled! The best part about this bag to be is that it's definitely a "big girl" bag, yet still looks young and stylish. I decided on the studded version because the original was almost too "big girl", but the studs add a touch of freshness! Love! 

Chanel Small Quilted Boy Bag in Black with Silver Hardware
Lets be honest. I'd never be able to afford this. Probably ever. My grandparents live in Hong Kong and I haven't been able to return since 2007, so each time my parents visit, my grandparents get me a gift for several occasions combined. Well, last time it was an iPod when I was 15, so safe to say I was not expecting a Chanel bag for my life. It came as a complete surprise to me when I picked up my parents from the airport, when my mom told me: "You will die when you find out what grandpa bought you." She was right. I died. 

Chanel is probably my favourite brand ever. I love the look of this bag with a simple leather jacket, jeans and heels. The leather on this bag is buttery soft, completely smooth and everything is made flawlessly. I believe my mom had a hand in choosing this for me because she figured that since I purchased a vintage beige mini flap with gold hardware, I needed a black bag with silver hardware. She was completely right. The style of this bag is amazing and SO edgy, completely different from my mini flap. It's so young and modern looking, but still looks so classically Chanel. I LOVE IT.

Well that's it everybody. This has been the best Christmas ever. I have no words. To everybody out there who celebrates Christmas, I wish you the joy through the holiday season!

PS. Don't mind the weird bathroom selfies, it was the only place where I had a mirror big enough to see my entire body!

Tons of Love, Erica